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2 bd 1 bath still available by May 1! Discounted Prices!

Posted: Mon Apr 16, 2018 9:12 am
by darbyb
Hello, I have a 2 bd 1 bath apartment that is available as early as May 1! The rent is only 500 per person or 1000 for the entire apartment. Deposit, life fee, and pet fee are already taken care of up until June 26. We will pay the sublease fee (for one person only) for the apartment and have already been reassured by UV that you can easily renew the apartment at the same rate for this upcoming Fall so not price change in rent! This apartment is conveniently located at bus stop number one and only a couple buildings away from the pool. We are including some household items for free if interested! Please email me directly at so we can get you moved in ASAP! For more information on University Village amenities or perks please contact me or the complex directly. Thanks, Bethany.