One bedroom subleasing, ASAP

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One bedroom subleasing, ASAP

Postby Jnsyeh » Thu Aug 17, 2017 6:30 pm

Hello everyone,
I have an unfurnished one bedroom apartment for subleasing since I am moving to live together with my friend. The contract is from now to 07/25/2018. It’s located on Saint John Court where is almost in front of UV bus stop No.3. It is quiet here in this area and the laundry room is just down stairs. You can search the floor plan at UV’s official website to get pictures: select “one-bed room (unfurnished) —> The Swisher (B)”

The rents are listed below:

All UV residents have to pay: (UV’s rule, not mine.)
1.One-time fees:
Administration fee:$99
Resident Life Fee: $204
Security Deposit (refundable): $735

2. You have to pay every month:
base rent:$750
EAS utility fee (utility=water, trash, sewer, gas):$120
Electricity: depending on how you used, usually cheaper than $30 per month.
House insurance fees (every resident in Ohio must do this): $11.95

In summary, you have to pay
99+204+735=$1038 first ($735 refundable), and 750+120+11.95+electricity fees every month since September.

As soon as you can move in, I can cover the residual rents of August for you.
Let me know at if you are interested, and I can still send you some pictures.
Thanks a lot.

Jonason Yeh

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